Please Write!

Project Niagara supporters have launched an e-mail campaign to the key decision makers in the Ontario Cabinet. We need to remind those decision makers that there is significant opposition to the proposed festival and that our concerns have still not been addressed.

Letters of support will likely come from people who will posture that they are speaking for the entire town. We need as many e-mails as possible to remind the politicians that there are a great many other voters who are unhappy with the project Niagara.

Please write as soon as possible to: Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism and Culture Dalton McGuinty, Premier Jim Bradley, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Please copy Kim Craitor, our MPP, and Rob Nicholson, our MP.

The key points are:
1. Project Niagara is unaffordable and will be detrimental to the environment and the town. An eco-park is a better idea.
2. We want our Sewage lagoon problem addressed but should not need a music festival to get that.
3. The public consultation process regarding the sewage lagoons was never completed so it is premature to select a solution.

Please write as soon as possible.

Thank You.