Drone Videos

The DND Lands in Niagara-on-the-Lake from the air

Following are links to several videos of the DND Property in Niagara-on-the-Lake, using a drone air craft. All videos were recorded during May, 2016, and were done by Jamie O’Connor. Our thanks to Jamie for so generously spending the time to film and record them.

1) Eastern portion of the property:

Down the Rifle Range and circle the mouth of 2 Mile Creek, then back over the Lagoons toward the Rifle Range.

2) Lagoons portion of the property:

West across the Lagoons, then circle over 2 Mile Creek and back to the Rifle Range butts.

3) Western portion of the property:

South from the mouth pf 4 Mile Creek, then circle up 3 Mile Pond to Lakeshore Road.

4) Along the west half of the shoreline:

East from the mouth of 4 Mile Creek, along the shore to Niagara Shores Park and the Bank Swallow colony.

5) North Lagoon and westward:

West over the North Sewage Lagoon, passing the new Waste Water Treatment Plant and Niagara Shores Park to 3 Mile Pond.

6) Along the east half of the shoreline:

East along the shoreline, past the new Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Carolinian Forest section.

7) East to West along the Lakeshore Road:

West from the Lagoons, along the Lakeshore Road, past the Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the entrance to Niagara Shores Park.

8) Misc. Adjoining areas:

South over Newark Park, west over the Cemetery and 3 Mile Pond, then circle east and back to Newark Park.