Our Vision

A park that preserves and enhances the environment and presents our heritage, and offers a unique blend of recreational and educational activities. This is an opportunity to create a legacy for the residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake and for its visitors from around the world.

Guiding Principles:

  1. The primary mission is to protect, preserve and enhance the natural landscape. This includes the forest, the shoreline and beach, the prairies and the wetlands (creeks, lagoons, ponds). It includes all flora and fauna, especially species at risk.

  2. The secondary mission is to present the rich history of our area, including Geological history, First Nations history, the United Empire Loyalist settlement of Niagara, the War of 1812, Agricultural history, and DND history in the area.

  3. Attractions and activities will be oriented towards education and recreation, which will take precedence over commercial activity.

  4. Attractions and activities must be sustainable, “green”, and non-invasive.

  5. The operation must be financially viable.

  6. This year-round facility should be accessible by, and attractive to, local residents and visitors alike, and should be oriented to families.

  7. The park will compliment existing area attractions, drawing visitors to – and keeping visitors in – the area longer.

  8. Development and operations will minimize risk (or provide benefits) to taxpayers.