Project Niagara

Project Niagara was the working name for a summer music festival proposed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the National Arts Centre.

The festival was to run for 17 weeks, and expected to attract 260,000 people, with average concert attendance of 5,000. The artistic program was been described as classical, pops, popular, jazz, blues, music theatre and world music.

Project Niagara was proposing to develop the Parks Canada Lakeshore Road property. Plans included:

  1. Two amphitheatres, plus a rehearsal/recital hall

  2. A restaurant, a VIP café, and concession areas

  3. Picnic areas

  4. Toilets for 4,500 people

  5. Administration and maintenance areas

  6. Parking for 1,500 cars, plus a drop off area for shuttles

Restricted access to the Carolinian forest was mentioned but detailed plans were never announced.

Public access to the former Niagara Shores park, and to a presentation centre to commemorate the Battle of Fort George, were also mentioned, but never confirmed.

The Harmony Residents Group opposed this proposal, based on:

  1. Environmental concerns

  2. Costs to taxpayers

  3. Impacts to our quality of life

  4. Skepticism over the benefits

On July 13, 2010, Project Niagara announced that it would end its efforts.

To view further details of the Project Niagara Phase 2 Feasibility Study, click here .